Water Quality

Bottled water is one of the products most closely monitored by the FDA. The standards for these two agencies is a little different;
for example, the EPA monitors for asbestos while the FDA does not. Water bottlers are also not very strictly required to monitor
or disinfect for parasites. This is mainly because the FDA says that at the source the water is bottled from, it is unlikely to
harbor parasites or contain these dangerous elements. However, water bottlers are given more strict standards for lead and chlorine.

But, there is more than just the FDA. Bottled water is actually monitored at three levels to ensure high quality and safety
standards, the first being federal through the FDA. It is also regulated by the state and also by trade associations such as
the International Water Bottlers Association (IBWA). Our purified water goes through a 7 step process: water softener which removes
excess minerals, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, 3 stage microfiltration, UV light treatment, additional activated
carbon filtration and finally ozonation.

Purified water is the most highly treated and closely regulated bottled water product by the FDA and IBWA,
but also offers the most consistent and highest quality water to the consumer. It is noted that consumers of bottled water
prefer the taste of purified water over other types. Bottlers say the consistent flavor is a result of the purification process.
There are three primary processes used to produce purified water: deionization, distillation and reverse osmosis.
We use RO over the others because of the many advantages, including reduced cost and increased performance.

Our spring water sourced from Mt. Palomar, California where it naturally rises to the surface. Water must rise to the surface on
its own in order to be classified as natural spring water, we collect spring water at the source.
Our spring water is processed by a 5 step filtration process: micro filtration, activated carbon filtration,
3 stage microfiltration, UV light treatment and ozonation.