We are your “One Stop Shop” for all your bottled water needs. More than just a bottled water company, we do it all - custom blow molding the bottles, printing your full color personalized company logo labels, and bottling a wide range of waters to best suit your needs. We provide you with every possible option to create a truly special bottle of water for any occasion.

Have something special in mind? We offer endless possibilities from proprietary shaped bottled water, to PMS and metallic inks, and 4 distinctly unique water profiles. Our top notch sales and art departments will be happy to assist you to create your personalized bottled water to make sure your project is a successful one.


Styles of Bottles

We offer regular, bullet and custom to fully personalize your bottled water.



  • Our best selling and most popular style of bottle is our standard ribbed bottles.

  • It is made from PET plastic which is safe, non-toxic, durable, and lightweight.

  • It is BPA free so it is safe and eco-friendly!



  • Bullet bottles are sleek, ribless, rounded and tall.

  • It is more expensive and made for high-end applications.

  • This style of bottle will give your brand the look and feel of superiority and elegance.

  • Stand out in the competition and leave an impression to your customers with this style.



  • We also offer personalized bottles using our custom blow molding service.

  • If you are looking for something unique such as new shaped bottle or different labeling of logo, we will make a mold that is made just for you!

All of our bottles are three times heavier than normal plastic bottles found in convenience stores so they will not easily dent, deform, or spill when opened.


Water Types

We offer 4 distinctly unique types of water to meet your needs.

Purified Water - Our purified water is initially carbon and micro filtered and then processed by a reverse osmosis to remove contaminants, microorganisms and impurities for a refreshingly clean drinking bottled water.

Natural Spring Water - Our spring water goes through various filtration processes to remove unwanted particles. We make sure that our spring water stays natural with all the processes. It’s awarded the Best Tasting Water in the World! See here.

Electrolyte Enhanced Water - Our electrolyte enhanced water contains various trace minerals that you can add to your specifications. Last longer during workouts and prevent dehydration with this type of water!

Alkaline Water - Our alkaline water contains a higher level of PH than most water to keep you hydrated. This helps in regulating your body’s pH level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer.



Our in-house and most innovative Heidelberg® Digital Imaging 4/C press prints your full colour personalized bottled water labels on 100% waterproof polypropylene stock. This state-of-the-art technology can reproduce your images or company logos with exceptional quality.

Since printing of labels are done on-site, we make sure to provide you with top-quality 4 colour process labels at the minimum cost. No need to worry about the amount of labels you need, we can take care of this for you.

Our one-time setup price is $90 which is inclusive of the standard 4/C process which guarantees you labels with superior quality – the best one in the market!

(PMS, metallic or fluorescent inks are available at extra cost.)