Custom Labeled Bottled Water

With over 23 years in the bottled water business Crystal Beverage has become the leader in value added private label bottled water production.  
We are vertically integrated in our 150,000 square foot state of the art factory and have the ability to work with you whether you need 12 cases
or 12 million cases. Companies large and small have entrusted us with their images and we hope to work with you on your bottled water needs.
We boast the highest retention rates in our industry and look forward to working with you in the future!

Important Facts About Water Use
Bottled water accounts for less than 0.01% of all the water used in the United States each year. And, bottled water uses only 0.02% of the
all the water used in California every year. Despite the bottled water industry's size, the amount of water used is relatively tiny compared to
tap water volumes. Put into context, in 2014, total annual U.S. bottled water consumption was 10.9 billion gallons. Los Angeles goes through that amount of tap water in a little over three weeks. (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: total 2013 DWP annual water sales for Los Angeles
is 179 billion gallons. Divided by 52 weeks, that equals 3.4 billion gallons per week. Three weeks equals 10.3 billion gallons.)
In fact, Los Angeles runs through the annual equivalent of all California bottled water in less than one week of its tap water use.
(All water used for bottled water in California annually is 3.09 billion gallons. Los Angeles uses 3.4 billion gallons of tap water per week.)

According to the UCLA Institute for Environment and Sustainability, at almost 80%, agriculture is the largest user of water in the state,
followed by urban residential use at 13%. Consumers are not buying bottled water because of elaborate marketing campaigns; they are choosing
bottled water instead of less healthy packaged beverages. Most people who drink bottled water also drink tap water, and that’s fine with us.
Water is the healthiest beverage, and bottled water provides consumers with a safe, convenient, refreshing, and responsible choice.

The bottled water industry complies with California’s regulatory framework, which applies to other water users in the same class,
and will continue to do so. Another important fact is that most of the bottled water produced in California is consumed in California.
In fact, for schools in Los Angeles and communities in the Central Valley that don't have access to drinkable water,
bottled water is a vital everyday necessity.

Bottled Water is a Very Efficient Water User
While overall sales growth and consumption of bottled water has increased as consumers choose water instead of less healthy
sugared beverages, bottled water still has the smallest water and energy footprint of any packaged beverage.
The results of a 2014 IBWA benchmark study show that the amount of water and energy used to produce bottled water products in
North America is less than all other types of packaged beverages. On average, only 1.32 liters of water (including the liter of water consumed)
and 0.24 mega joules of energy are used to produce one liter of finished bottled water.

With bottled water having the lowest energy and water use of all packaged beverages, this healthy choice trend is actually reducing
the overall beverage environmental footprint, equating to 6.4 billion gallons of water saved each year. 100% of bottled water is intended for
human consumption, one of the most important and efficient uses of water.  Conversely, only about 2% of tap water is used for human
consumption.  A vast majority of municipally sourced water is used in agriculture, households, and for industrial applications.
The fact is that bottled water production is among the smallest and most efficient of all industry water users.

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