buy bottled water in bulk, wholesale prices

Buying water bottles in bulk is a smart way to save you money. Buying generic bottles are expensive and nonprofitable for your business. That’s why Crystal Beverage Company offers you to customize your water bottles with your own labels, and is available for a cheaper price than common water bottle brands.

Our custom labeled water bottles are also available in wholesale prices for all customers whether you need a pallet, 12 cases or 12 million cases. This enables our customers to personalize their own name in bottled water at great discount!


Why buy water bottles in bulk?

  1. As each order is customized to the customer’s needs, we think you will be delighted to find that we offer the best pricing of bulk bottled water in the industry.

  2. Crystal Beverage Co. co-packs for large retailers in the country because we have our own 150,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility that houses our label printing and in-house blowmolding. You can expect us to handle any size project!

  3. We ship in various locations within California on time. We even offer rush services for those clients that need water ASAP. Buying in bulk has never been so easy and convenient.

  4. We offer a wide range of bottled water sizes from 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 23oz and 33oz in bulk quantities. You can even choose from which style of bottle complements your taste, from regular, bullet or custom.



Water bottles pallet special

A single pallet includes 1,728 water bottles and is 2,190 lbs in weight. We offer an entire pallet of customized bottled water for just $0.20 per bottle. These pallets come with standard bottle size of 16.9 oz. With just $90 for our label set up fee, you can get the best personalized labels the industry has to offer. Our labels are done in white polypropylene sheet and are available in PMS, fluorescent or metallic inks at additional costs.



Please bear in mind that water is heavy. But we want to ship your private label waters in the least expensive way. Crystal Beverage Co. has excellent partnerships with various common carriers in the US that offer the cheapest delivering and shipping options. It is very important that you allow ample shipping time when you place your bulk customized water bottle orders! By addressing these issues before placing any order, we hope we can fulfill your water orders as prompt as possible! If your company is related to UPS or FedEX, then that could be an option as well but we do not guarantee that to be the cheapest delivering method.

All shipping fees are FOB Commerce CA 90040. For orders shipped within California, an additional CRV $0.05 per bottle is needed.



We take great pride in providing you the highest quality of labels for your water bottle needs in the industry. Our state-of-the-art Heidelberg® Digital Imaging 4/C press can reproduce your logo with superior quality. No need to worry about quantity, it can handle any bulk order as you wish.

Our facility also handles in-house blowmolding services which allows you to customize the shape and size of your water bottle. This makes you standout from ribbed and bullet bottles offered by generic brands.


our water types and quality of water*

types of water

We offer four types of water for our customer’s needs:

  1. Purified Water - After carbon and micro filtration, water is processed by reverse osmosis to eliminate impurities, contaminants and microorganisms. This results to a refreshingly clean purified drinking bottled water.

  2. Natural Spring Water - Our spring water goes through numerous filtration processes to remove unwanted particles but we ensure it stays natural!

  3. Alkaline Water - With a higher level of PH than most water, our alkaline water makes sure your body stays hydrated. This type of water helps regulate the pH level of your body and prevent chronic ailments such as cancer.

  4. Electrolyte Enhanced Water - Our electrolyte enhanced water makes you last longer during workouts and exercises. This water contains various trace minerals that specifically prevent you from dehydrating.

Water quality

Our purified water goes through a 7 step process: water softener which removes excess minerals, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, 3 stage microfiltration, UV light treatment, additional activated carbon filtration and finally ozonation.

Our spring water sourced from Mt. Palomar, California where it naturally rises to the surface. Water must rise to the surface on its own in order to be classified as natural spring water, we collect spring water at the source. Our spring water is processed by a 5 step filtration process: micro filtration, activated carbon filtration, 3 stage microfiltration, UV light treatment and ozonation.

For more information about our water quality, click here.



Buying bulk water bottles are a great way to save you cost.

From a manufacturing standpoint, we setup our machines for each label and project we run, regardless if we are processing 1 bottle or 1 million bottles. With that said, it is cost-effective and more efficient to run more than fewer bottles at a time. This helps your costs go down significantly.

From a shipping standpoint, the same concept applies. There is a base cost for each delivery we make and shipping a lot of water bottles at a time saves you more than shipping in partitions/multiple orders. If you order multiple pallets, then you can even save a lot more money.

Custom labeled bottled water is profitable for your business.

A lot of companies do not realize how effective water bottles can be in terms of marketing. Having your brand logo on a water bottle can drive you potential customers. In both small and large events, bottled water is your least expensive way to capture your consumers which translates into better margins and higher profits for you company.

More ways you can use water.

Buying in bulk gives you tons of options to use water bottles. You can use them to initiate ice breakers for your sales team before meeting proper. Or you can place them in gift bags for customers who leave your office. Hosting a special event? You can use your special bottles for that event as well. After all, they are personalized with your company logo and name.