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Private Label Water & Custom Label Bottled Water

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So you've decided on custom labeled water.

Custom label bottled water is the perfect promotional item for your business, organization or event - we supply many hotels,
restaurants, car dealerships, fitness clubs, golf courses, real estate agents, lawyers, and more with their personalized bottled water.
Your choice of Purified Water, Natural Spring Water, Alkaline Water or Electrolyte Enhanced Water. For an optimal personalized bottled water, we print our labels in-house on our Heidelberg Digital Imaging press - Full color (4/C Process) is no extra charge and our labels are 100% waterproof and won't come off the bottle even when soaked in ice water.

And we're not just a Custom Labeled Bottled Water company anymore.
We now offer Co-packing Water Bottling and Custom Blow Molding services.
And our "Regenerate Bottle" which is made from up to 50% recycled plastic reduces our impact on the environment.

No order is too large for us to fill but we do have a 12 case minimum (288 bottles). If you need help or have questions do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 310-479-8332. They will be glad to assist to make sure your project is a success!

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Custom Label Water and co-packing services

The beverage industry is constantly evolving and we have added new production functionalities to meet the needs of our customers.
We can produce the following types of personalized beverages:

Purified Water - Processed by reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration
Natural Spring Water - Recently voted the Best Tasting Water in the World! - see link:

Electrolyte Enhanced Water - Trace minerals added to your specifications
Alkaline Water - Increased pH

Our purified drinking water is processed using reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration, UV treatment and ozonation
which results in clear, crisp fresh tasting water. We get our natural spring water from protected California springs that surpass
FDA regulations for purity and is the freshest, best tasting spring water around!

Have something special in mind? Fully customize your bottled water with our premium service!

If you also need a personalized bottled water co-packer for your brand we have exceptional line capacity and can fulfill

any quantity - we have a long list of clients that we co-pack for.


It is best to carry a personalized bottled water with you every time. This prevents you from having health issues and being dehydrated. So grab a bottle of water and increase your fluid intake to stay fit. Learn about the 7 health benefits of drinking water from HealthLine here.

Are you thinking of personalizing your bottled water to promote your business for a special occasion? Then you made the perfect choice, My Own Water can customize your bottled water to your desired specifications and labels.