Personalizing Your Bottled Water

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The process of branding your own bottled water starts with the design step; either by adopting the logo of your brand or business or going creative. If you are looking forward to some tips on how to customize, advertise and market your brand with bottled water, we’ve got you covered.

Why personalize a water bottle?

There are several advantages of packaging water in a private label bottle. Customization adds a spark of excitement to your purified or spring water. Personalized bottled water is of great aesthetic value perfect for any event.

A custom print on any consumer product is a form of advertisement for your company or business. When guests drink from a water bottle with your logo printed, you are popularizing your brand and this could drive in more leads hence boosting your business.

If you are looking for something authentic with a completely original label; you’ll need to involve a design expert in the process. Here you’ll have the option to choose the bottle size, material, and case quantity. You’ll also have the advantage to shift your preference from one color to another, text size, fonts, and even the alignment.

Types of labels and their application procedure

There are two main types of water bottle customization techniques; cut and stack and the pressure sensitive methods. The latter is common with quality bottles where high-speed applicators are used for labeling. This type of labels is usually printed on spools or rolls with an adhesive on the back of the label. During application, the label peels away from the coated paper-roll and the label sticks permanently on the bottle.

The cut and stack labels are often printed on sheets before they are cut into individual labels by high-precision laser cutters. Such labels can be with or without self-adhesive. The latter is applied to the water bottles using a hot glue applicator. This provides the same stick as the labels with self-adhesive to ensure quality and durable brand customization.

Types of bottled water

Bottled water comes from different water sources, with a varying degree of mineral content and treatment techniques. There are four major types of bottled water; natural spring water, purified water, alkaline water, and the electrolyte enhanced water.

Spring water is obtained from underground sources such as a spring and aquifer and is often bottled at the source. Natural spring water is rich in trace elements making it one of the best-bottled water for health benefits and hydration purposes.

Electrolyte-enhanced water has an amount of electrically charged electrolytes and minerals added before bottling. Some of the common electrolytes used are found naturally in the body and they include; potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride. This type of bottled water helps to regulate the fluids levels such as the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Alkaline water or the pH water has a pH of 8 to 9 while the regular water has a pH of 7 (neutral). The benefits of alkaline water are not well defined but some studies show that it offers better hydration after strenuous exercise.

Purified drinking water is made from specialized processes such as reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration, and UV treatment.

When customizing your water bottle, make sure to indicate the type of water you are offering to the market or even to your guests. Knowing this information could help you in choosing the right water bottling company for you.

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