Personalized Bottled Water is an Effective Marketing Strategy


Are you trying to promote your business? Try personalized bottled water, it’s an easy and effective way of advertising your company.

Custom Bottled Water as an Advertising Tool

Branded bottled water has proven to be an effective way of advertising and a cheap way of promoting your brand. It establishes brand awareness and a significant feature in marketing. For small and medium businesses, this is an effective and simple way to build company identity and to introduce their product to their target market.

Here the bottles combine the quality marketing message together with the popularity of bottled water. This approach provides a consumable product which is portable and carries the message beyond the individual. In private label bottled water, the medium and message must match. If you are a high-end company then your marketing should be an elegant approach.

Your marketing should reflect the quality of your company brand, this means quality in form, label design, appearance of the bottle, production and type of water.

You need to make good looking water bottle label and combine it with great tasting water and attractive bottle so as to support correct branding message. Avoid risks like designing your water bottle label and looking for cheap alternatives. So the point is you go for quality, always.

Why You Need Personalized Water Bottles at Your Company

You may be going too plain and boring water bottles daily. There is a way to change this at the same time doing some marketing:

- Successful branding: If your office has generic water bottles then you’re losing a marketing opportunity. No effort is needed to show o you are your brand. Your customers and employees will enjoy the water and with time people around will know or get introduced to your brand. It’s a cost- effective and straightforward marketing technique.

- Makes drinking water exciting: Custom labels can make drinking water exciting, this can be compared to soda companies, tea suppliers and coffee manufacturers that have flashy labels. It draws people in. You can add slogans, messages or facts about the advantages of drinking from your water bottle.

- Celebrate your milestones: Special events are the perfect time to show o your custom label. If you have one coming up then try it, it’s simple in that you can use same colors as a company party. It can be designed as a way of offering congratulation to someone. It simply requires thoughts and creativity.

Items to include when labeling bottled water include:

  1. Logo or photo

  2. Address

  3. Web address

  4. Phone number

  5. Contact email

  6. Slogan or motto

Ways to Use Your Branded Bottled Water

1. Reception Area Amenity

A good impression is made within a few seconds as a client enters your office. You make them feel welcomed and comfortable by keeping your brand bottled water on hand. Make sure each one of them is offered a bottle before they are seated.

2. Charity Walks/Runs

Your company can give thirsty participants bottle of water at various hydration stations. It is a big way of marketing you name in the community.

3. Swag Bags

Adding your bottled water in the swag bag is a good way to get appreciated and noticed.

4. Company Meetings

Bottled water labeled with your company logo sitting on the conference table gives a good impression to members in the meeting.

5. Sponsorship

When your company is sponsoring some teams or league, giving custom bottled water to participants and attendees is a great way of marketing your brand.

Bottled water labels can be used for an announcement like your son’s birthday and even the name of your newborn.

You can design your bottled water in different ways to reinforce and market your brand. There are a lot of designs and styles of customized water bottle you can choose from.

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Natalie Nguyen